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Traveller Type

There are many different types of travel lovers out there and Sassabi Expeditions has made it a mission to provide them all with the travel experience of their lives. We take great pride in taking the work off your hands and craft the perfect itinerary tailored to your travel style and preferences.

We have identified six different categories of travellers. Which one are you?

The wildlife-packed plains of the Serengeti, the alluring beaches of Zanzibar, the challenging peaks of Kilimanjaro and everything else in between -- adventure seekers are in for the time of their lives in Tanzania. There’s a new adventure at every destination waiting to be conquered in this expansive East African jewel. Are you up for it?


Beginner-friendly Mountain Climbing
Inclusive of Meals and Accommodations
Professional Trekking Guides
4 Days Mt. Meru Trekking
6 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro (Rongai Route)

As the only route that approaches Mt Kilimanjaro from the north, the Rongai route has a more gradual slope than the other routes up the mountain. The route approaches Mt ...

6 Days Mt. Kilimanjaro (Shira Route)
With dramatic gorges and spectacular views of west Kilimanjaro, the Shira route begins near the Shira Ridge, winding its way up towards the treasures of Africa’s highest peak. The route approaches M...