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Ruaha National Park


Amazing Game Viewing

Ruaha National Park boasts an all predator show and is home to 10% of the world's lion population. An amazing game viewing experience with large herds of elephants and buffaloes found throughout the park.

Incredible Bird Watching

With over 580 species of bird plus an interesting mix of southern and northern species, Ruaha’s birdlife is truly extraordinary.

Uncrowded Safari Experience

Ruaha’s uncrowded, wild, and untrammeled feel is what sets it apart from other reserves and its reputation has been established as Tanzania’s best-kept game viewing secret.



The dry season (June to October) is the best time to visit Ruaha National Park. In addition to affording easier wildlife viewing, the park is hardly every crowded so visitors can enjoy a more authentic “in the wild” experience.



Situated in the middle of Tanzania about 130 km from Iringa, Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania covering a staggering area of about 13,000 sq km. Part of a more extensive ecosystem, Ruaha National park combines the Rungwa Game Reserve, Usangu Game Reserve, and several other protected areas. Ruaha National park is a crazy combination of East and Southern Africa that wows wildlife enthusiasts.

The name of the national park was derived from the Great Ruaha River which flows along its south-eastern margin and it is the hotspot for game-viewing. Ruaha National park is characterized by semi-arid type of vegetation, baobab trees, Acacia, and other species, and over 1650 plant species have been spotted here.

In addition to the wide array of spectacular wildlife, Ruaha National Park harbors several reptiles and amphibians such as crocodiles, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, monitor lizards, agama lizards, and frogs. Ruaha National Park is perhaps the only savannah reserve in East Africa where the crested barbet replaces the red-and-yellow barbet.

A daytime safari game drive is the main activity in Ruaha as night safaris are not permitted. Ruaha is particularly a good complement and contrast to Selous Game Reserve, and the lion viewing around the Mwagusi area is especially rewarding.

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